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An easy step to kick off your DJ journey!

Our DJ performer start and DJ performer advance courses enable you to master the basic knowledge and skill of DJing!

Upon completion of DJ performer start and DJ performer advance courses, there will be a Performance Night to let you have some practical performing experiences!

We also introduce outstanding students for part-time job opportunities!

初級 (課程1-3)

DJ Beginner


課程1 -3: 每月4堂每堂1小時

DJ Level 1: (course 1-3)

DJ Beginner

Become comfortable with the basic techniques and equipment of DJing, and create your first mix from one track to another.

What You’ll Learn

How a DJ setup works: basic overview of turntable, CDJ, mixer, and headphones

The proper technique to play and manipulate a vinyl record

An introduction to digital DJing via Serato Scratch Live

How to count beats

“Dropping on the one”

Beatmatching by “pushing and pulling” and “the halfway method”

How to perform a basic mix/blend of two songs

中級 (課程4-6)

DJ Mixing(I)

學員會做三隻歌Mixing,也學㑹一些進階DJ知識.如’Cut points`Loop 應用


DJ Level 2: (course 4-6)

DJ Mixing(I)

Enhance your understanding of song structure and beatmatching to craft seamless mixes that are not just in sync but in phrase.

What You’ll Learn

How to count bars

Common song structures in various genres

More advanced beatmatching techniques – “the professional method”

Phrase mixing and the conversation between two songs

Cue points in Serato Scratch Live

Intermediate features of the Pioneer CDJ

Course Goal

Perform a three-song “phrase mix.”



DJ Mixing(II)

課程主要敎學員如何制作十分鐘DJ Mixing技巧,也㑹學到一些現場捽碟技巧如power down,drop cut,stop,backspin等


DJ Level 3: (course 7-9)

DJ Mixing(II)

Develop an arsenal of distinct mixing techniques, both traditional and digital, and gain experience improvising and performing in realistic group settings. Perform a 10 minute phrase mix that includes new mixing techniques.

What You’ll Learn

Intermediate mixing techniques, such as the “drop cut,” “stop and drop,” “power down,” and “backspin”

Looping and layering in Serato Scratch Live

Advanced features of the Pioneer CDJ

How to perform comfortably in improvisational group jam sessions


DJ Mixing (III)

課程主要敎學員制作三十分鐘DJ Mixing技巧,也會介紹一些進階DJ技術如EQing,變化器FX,和聲混音Harmonic Mixing等,進一步令學員提高DJ技術.


DJ Level 4:  (course 10-12)

DJ Mixing(III)

Train your mind to think like a DJ: analyzing, organizing, and presenting music in context. Learn how to read an audience and how to shape the energy flow of your DJ sets.

Record a 30 minute mix in class to be shared with the group.

What You’ll Learn

Methods of music organization

How to build three-song mini DJ sets with a definite arc and flow

Tips for “reading a room,” i.e. what to play when

A thorough introduction to filters and EQing

Introduction to Traktor Scratch Pro

Principles of harmonic mixing

How to record a mix




此課程主要教授專業級DJ器材DJM用法,及如何控制現場氣氛、專業級DJ器材FX應該、專業及DJ器材setup 等…

DJ Level 5:  (course 13-15)

DJ Mixing Pro

Take an in-depth look at advanced mixing techniques and strategies to help you establish your DJ identity. Share your newfound skills with the world. Participate in an in-class, mock club night with your fellow students.

What You’ll Learn

How to use performance effects such as echo, delay, reverb, and more, both on the Pioneer DJM mixer and within Traktor

A variety of artist development strategies, i.e. how to “build your DJ identity”

An introduction to the world of promoters, club owners, managers, and booking agents

Advanced dancefloor psychology and programming

Practical skills for the DJ, such as setting up at the club and DJ bag essentials



在混合一些現代的MIDI Cue 位重組手法

例如`Finger Drumming`Looping和Drum

Pad 用法.


DJ Level 6: (course 16-18)

DJ Mixing Elite

Introduce the “wow factor” to your sets by building routines and incorporating performance tools such as MIDI controllers, advanced FX, sampling, wordplay, and harmonic mixing.

What You’ll Learn

Keyboard and MIDI mapping and basic controllerism

Beat gridding in Traktor

DJing with four decks simultaneously

How to examine what makes a compelling “routine”

Methods of incorporating samples and a cappellas

An introduction to using Traktor’s Remix Decks and the Traktor Kontrol F1

Techniques to transition from “wowing” a crowd to making people dance


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